Chapter One

As you will read my life has been a huge roller coaster, plenty of highs and plenty of lows. Throughout parts of my journey, areas have been smooth while others very bumpy. But lets face it, who has a simple life anyway? This is my story.

I was born October 1996 to a loving set of parents who were very young themselves. They had plenty of support and stable lives. I had an amazing childhood where i was loved and cared for beyond belief and my parents were very much in love. In 2002 our family grew by one, i had a baby brother! Keegan and I were unseperable while he was young, we had a very close bond and i became very protective over him.

Everything was well and everyone seemed happy until things started to become rocky between my parents which i was totally unaware of. I had a friend over for a playdate her mum and my mum were good friends and i remember going out into the kitchen to show my mum what i had done, that’s when i found her crying. I immediately tried to find out what was wrong which i received no real answer to, just, “I’m okay, don’t worry”. Now when someone says those words EVERYONE knows everything is not okay and you do need to worry. So I started to cry too, not with her just at her. No one wants to see their parent upset. Eventually our friends left and mum sat me down and told me i was going to have two beds, two houses, and two lots of belongings. My response to this was confusion at first because i didn’t understand what mum was trying to tell me. I finally realised and asked her if her and dad were getting a divorce, her answer was YES. At that exact moment my heart shattered into one million pieces. Here i was one minute thinking we were a happy family and the next my whole world had stopped. Once my parents separated I changed into a complete different person. I became anxious, unsociable and depressed, but also strong, stubborn and forgiving.

That event in my life has changed the way i see the world and different aspects of life. It has made me realise i need to be strong in moments of sadness and grief and it has also taught me to enjoy life and take every moment and use it like it was your last.


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