Chapter Three


High school finally came around and i was so excited! I had a lot of friends who were transferring to the same school as me and I had planned to stick with them for a long time. Little did i know high school was a big and scary place to me.

I stuck with my friends from primary school for two weeks, then they all started making new friends and i was getting pushed behind. I moved around different friend groups until i reached year 11 where i finally stuck to a group of three other girls. BAD IDEA. Everyone competed against each other and no one was ever happy. Girls were trying to take each other away from the others it was almost like a cat fight everyday, at least one person in the group had their cranky pants on… ALWAYS.

Year 12 came around quicker than expected and it was time to order our senior jerseys and search for our formal dresses. The start of the year was horrible for me between the friends, work and assignments due thank goodness our mid year ski trip was in plain sight, i definitely needed a break from everything.

Two mornings before i left for the ski trip I went with Mum to a phone store to upgrade her phone plan. As soon as i walked into Optus i realised the man working was someone i had thought was very cute when we were younger, Kevin.

I worked at a market in the canteen area for years and Kevin worked at a stall there. He always used to come to the canteen and order chips with extra gravy. Me being the flirty little thirteen year old that thought he was cute, used to give him the extra gravy for free. I would blush every time he came to the counter and i’d get so nervous serving him.

Anyway, he ended up serving my mum and I, and the roles of nervousness had totally flipped. This time i noticed him blushing and getting nervous. To be honest i don’t think he even looked at me the whole time we sat on the couch talking about the phones.

I had to leave to go back to work and quickly left while he went out the back of the store to collect something so i didn’t have to leave awkwardly.

I was out on the floor at work and the next thing i know my mum came rushing over to me telling me all about Kevin and how gorgeous he was and that he gave her a free accessory for her phone and left by saying she wanted to know the exact moment he sent me a message. I waited all afternoon and all night for a message and didn’t receive one. I had one million thoughts rushing through my head at this point and felt almost silly for feeling the way i felt about him. Seriously i didn’t know him and he didn’t know me… did he even want to know me? Two days had passed of me checking my phone hourly to see if he had messaged me, nothing. That night i was laying in bed trying to fall asleep when i heard my phone sound. I flipped over to check my message and to my surprise it was him. Instantly i had butterflies and couldn’t wait to talk with him.

Little did I know that was the day i met the love of my life.



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