Chapter Two


I spent the next few years trying to figure out who i was and who i had become while trying to get over the divorce of my parents. Keegan and I stayed together and visited each parent throughout the week which was hard at first because we missed whoever we weren’t with at the time, but it eventually got easier and it didn’t seem so bad living between two houses.

Sometimes children are unsure on how to express their feelings and emotions when their parents are going through divorce, but i think it is very important for them to know that they aren’t alone and that they can always speak to someone about their troubles, whether it be parents, family, teachers or support workers. I didn’t have anyone or know of anyone that i could really talk to about it all which made me bottle up all of my feelings inside. Once i became older i went to see a Psychiatrist which finally made me feel free of all the troubles and feelings i had held on to for so long.

My Dad met his now wife Amanda, who has a gorgeous and cheeky son Nicholas(who is the same age as Keegan), and my Mum met her now Husband Peter who have a little girl together, Amelia.

We all grew to love one another and discover our new lives together. We fought, made up and became stronger as individuals and as a family.



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