Chapter Four


We sent messages back and forward all night until we finally decided we needed to go to sleep. We exchanged goodnight messages as well as phone numbers, just in case.

The next morning it was time for me to travel twenty two hours by bus to the mountain. about ten hours in and a short nap later i decided to message Kevin, he replied instantly. We began talking about our lives, friends, thoughts and failures, both funny and serious over the next two weeks while i was away. A couple of days before i was about to leave the mountain to come home he asked me if i wanted to meet up with him when i returned. Of course my reply was yes. I can still feel the exact moment i read the message, the butterflies in my stomach and clammy hands as i replied.

The day came when it was time to meet up with him, i went to his house and we started watching The Vow. I could tell Kevin was nervous as was I, but we both tried to hide our nerves as best we could. Kevin being Kevin, changed the movie half way through to The Longest Yard. I don’t think we even really watched the movie between the cuddling and talking.

I knew as soon as i got home that he was going to be someone very special in my life, we clicked right away and didn’t find the silences to be awkward. Days went by followed by weeks and we started to become not just best friends, but i found myself falling for this amazing man. I couldn’t believe how lucky i was to meet him, seriously, how many guys are caring, fun, adventurous, good-looking, funny, smart and treat you like a princess? Not many, i knew i didn’t want to let him go.

One afternoon we climbed a mountain together and once we finally reached the top kevin pulled out a blanket, gummy bears, chips and water. We sat talking and enjoying the view until someone came over to me dressed in a Dominoes outfit with a pizza in his hand. To my surprise he said he had a delivery for an Emily, at this moment i was completely baffled and confused as to what was going on but somehow managed to collect the pizza and he went on his way. I thought this was so random and looked at Kevin with so much confusion to see him looking back at me with a cheeky grin on his face. Once i opened the pizza i burst in to tears. There was a note on the inside of the box that read, “I know this is cheesy, but will you be my girlfriend?” For him to put so much thought, effort and love into the moment made me realise how much i loved him at that very moment. My love for him then compared to now has grown 1000x more each and every day. He still surprises me with flowers, chocolate and massages and has never changed the way he treated me from the moment we met.

Since then we have been on many adventures together, moving in together, moving away together, travelling overseas, swimming with sharks, going to concerts and visiting some of the most amazing places on earth. We are bound at the hip and hardly leave each others side. Kevin is my best friend and i can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.


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