Cheap Beauty Buys

I have put together a list of CHEAP beauty essentials every girl needs in their makeup bag.  Everything on this list is affordable and all from the one place… Priceline!

Lets go shopping!


This Brow Kit comes with tweezers included so you get two in one, for only $3!




This Natural Eyeshadow Palette includes beautiful shades that will go with any eye colour.




Using Felt Eyeliner Pens are much easier than gel or pencil as it won’t smudge all over your eyelid when you open your eyes!




This gorgeous lip gloss and colour will make any outfit pop!




This volumising mascara will give you the definition, volume and shape you have been after!




This bronzer also comes in shades of blush which will compliment each other.




This foundation leaves a flawless finish as well as being super cheap!




Beautiful creamy lipstick perfect for adding a natural touch of colour.


Hope you enjoy these bargins!


Emily xx



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