Travel tips for a carry on bag only

So my yearly holiday is coming up this month and I thought it would be a good idea to post some travelling tips to pack a carry on bag only!

Im heading to Dallas Texas, USA all the way from Australia at the end go the month and am alreading starting to get together my essential travel items!

My biggest tip for travelling is to pack monochrome colours, that way no matter what you pull out of your bag for the day it will match!

I usually pack black, white and grey shirts and a pair of jeans (dark and light), leggings and trackies! Nice and casual. I will pack one nice outfit incase we go anywhere fancy and for shoes i include a pair of canvas shoes (converse), Thongs and a sandal/ballet flat. depending on how long you are going for will determine how much you want to pack! I will be packing four shirts, four pants and a jumper for my eight day trip!

Beauty essentials when i travel include a chapstick, moisturiser, light makeup (only foundation, blush, mascara), hair straightener/curler, two pairs of earrings and a nice universal necklace that will go with anything!

Now for what i need on the plane. Lip balm for dried out lips, water to stay hydrated in the air, moisturiser to keep faced hands soft and hydrated, toothbrush for those of you who will be sleeping over night, book/iPad and music to stay entertained and gum for cabin pressure!

All of this will fit into a regular sized duffel bag and won’t be too heavy!

Safe travels!!

Emily xx


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